Charles' Celestial Tide's and Tale's Tour

Have you ever wondered how boats found their way around the sea? This unique experience will show you how!

About this experience

Have you ever wondered how boats found their way around the sea?

Come along and join our masters, Charles and Dawn on this truly unique experience, where they guide you through the tides with tales of past voyages. A delicious, calming cup of Swahili tea will be on hand for you to sample before we embark on our journey.

The core of the experience is learning about navigation at sea. However, the real joy lies in meeting Charles and Dawn who are highly qualified individuals, each with their own stories.

Their interaction is so natural, humble, and engaging as they invite the you into their world, making tides and navigation so accessible.

During the trip you are presented with a master meal box for you to sample what would have been available 'back in the day' on past voyages. 

This is a hands-on experience where one will learn a new skill while using a compass, charts and a sextant as well as learning how the position of the stars were historically used to tell your position while at sea.

Things to bring:

  • Warm clothing

  • Waterproof clothing

  • A blanket if you get cold

This tour is bookable as a private tour that can be arranged for between 6 and 20 people, please get in touch at to enquire about a booking.